Yearly Courses

Ballet classes structured for boys and girls are graded with the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus: Pre-Primary, Primary, and Gr. I-V. The Gr. VI-VIII for the novice dancer, and the student wanting a career in dance would take the Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced I and II Syllabi. Upon the teacher’s recommendation and parent’s consent students may enter in the spring for these exams.

⦁ Hair must be worn up off neck and secured away from face.
⦁ If you are 15 minutes late for class, you must watch, not participate.
⦁ The program is not responsible for personal property.
⦁ Eating is not permitted in the studio.
⦁ Dancers are urged to make-up any missed classes during the same yearly program or summer programs.
⦁ Parents are expected to pick up their children immediately after class/rehearsal.
⦁ Dancers, Inc. reserves the right to limit any student’s participating for not adhering to correct clothing or behavior deemed inappropriate.
⦁ At Dancers, Inc., children not enrolled in the program must be under parental supervision at all times.